Catholic Pub Trivia
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Welcome to Catholic Pub Trivia!

Think you know your Catholic Faith?

Do you know what the pope's little beanie-like hat is called? How about the name of apostle who replaced Judas? Or the term for the special veneration given to the Blessed Virgin Mary? If you think you know your Catholic Faith, join us for Catholic Pub Trivia at one of our upcoming events at locations in your area. Come at 6pm for drinks and food and we'll start the trivia at 7pm. There will be questions about Church history and dogma, the Pope, Mary and the Saints, Sacred Art and Architecture, the Scriptures and more. Gather your team of up to 6 people and make the Pope proud. Don't have a team? Come anyway and we'll find you one. All ages welcome. Cash prizes for the winners! Proceeds go to charity.


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